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Grant Runner Enhancements

You can now use Grant Runner for a much wider range of opportunities, taking advantage of the streamlining and time savings that Grant Runner is known for.

Key features include:

  • SF424 R&R Detailed Project and Subaward Budget Forms: Grant Runner now supports NIH SF424 research opportunities where funding is greater than $250,000 per period. You will save time with pre-filled data on the institution, project start and end dates. With your subaward budget, you now have the ability to import a subaward budget completed in the PDF form, into your Grant Runner form.

  • “Copy” Previous Budget Period: This feature can be used in the modular, detailed and subaward budgets where the cost entries across periods are similar, in order to save you time and effort.

  • Grant Runner Wizard Streamlining: Grant Runner wizard is now five steps instead of seven due to the Detailed and Subaward Budget features.